This Desk Organizer Is Like A Puzzle You Can Endlessly Rearrange

October 16, 2014 - storage organizer

If your middle pattern weird is also a neat freak, a .Org Deskscape System is for you. Seattle-based Ladies and Gentlemen Studio has collaborated with Brooklyn-based Pat Kim to emanate superb modular table accessories, consisting of a coop rest, a cork board, an iPad/letter holder, and a storage tray that can mount on their possess or be configured into a tradition table set.

Each square has a unique, pointed hardness and color–jagged, zig-zagging dim timber for a coop tray, ridged lighter timber for a minute holder. Arranged together, they emanate minimalist sculptural compositions that keep your workspace both neat and stylish. And if we need a interference outlet, we can always forever file a modules like fondle blocks.

Each procedure is crafted in tiny batches in a U.S. and finished with healthy Danish oil.

The .ORG Modular Deskscape System is accessible for pre-order here for $250.

[h/t PSFK]

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