This Is One of a Best Beauty Product Storage Ideas Ever—and it’s on Sale!

December 23, 2014 - storage organizer

Over-the-door organizers have to a many ignored and underrated thing ever when it comes to gripping beauty products tame and tidy. Maybe it’s a former New Yorker in me, yet we only adore to take advantage of that formerly obsolete storage space! Even yet we finally have a decent-size bathroom, we still rest on my aged tack of unit living—one of those unresolved makeup bags with all a transparent cosmetic pockets. But distinct that one, my NEW favorite doorway organizer manages to also be totally charming-looking: a Conveyor Shelf Over a Door Organizer from West Elm.


I adore a selected demeanour of a galvanized iron and a fact that a shelves are sturdy, deep, and tall, to residence even oversize bottles and beauty tools. The best part: This baby’s on sale, only in time for we to sequence it in expectation of new-year organizing efforts (including anticipating a place for all a fun beauty rob we hopefully got during gifting). Use promo formula LASTCHANCE currently and it’s $36 (orig. $79).

Is there a good beauty-products organizer you’ve found lately? Tell us about it!

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