This Lego Makeup Organizer Is a Cutest Thing You’ll See Today …

January 8, 2017 - storage organizer

Lately, guys have turn critical beauty heros. We’ve seen a father knowledge a many adorable makeup fail for his daughter and substantially a many waggish drunk makeup educational narration by a blogger’s boyfriend. But one Reddit user’s beloved has only set a bar even higher.

First beheld by Refinery 29, Reddit user maciepants posted a print of her boyfriend’s superinventive and courteous origination on a Reddit forum Makeup Addiction. While many boyfriends substantially don’t even know what makeup storage looks like, this one took a time to build his partner an organizer out of Legos. we mean, how honeyed can we get?

The arrangement box has a substructure of immature Legos with pinkish Lego walls to usually reason her makeup palettes in place. It looks impressively well-built. Making a post even some-more adorable, maciepants has already put her boyfriend’s honeyed present to use. Within a arrangement lies her considerable collection of Urban Decay Naked palettes. And with a collection like this, a ultimate storage space is a must. Plus, a singular tray can simply be stretched with some-more Legos to make space for some-more palettes, as one Reddit user forked out on a thread. Fellow Redditors filled a thread with comments admiring her boyfriend’s work. One user pronounced she sent a print to her possess boyfriend. Sorry boyfriends and girlfriends: it looks like you’re going to have to work on your Lego skills to keep up.

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Now, we haven’t played with Legos in forever, though we do know that building something like this really takes time and patience, that is what creates this Lego makeup organizer so many some-more precious. He could have simply left to a nearest dialect store and bought your common tray, though this man took a time to make one himself. You go, boyfriend. we consternation what he’ll make her next. And for a rest of we guys and girls with beauty addict partners, remember that Valentine’s Day is only around a corner.

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