Three DIY hacks to keep your camera rigging organized

October 7, 2016 - storage organizer

When it comes to storing your camera rigging during home, there are copiousness of options to go with. Personally, we keep my new rigging protected and sound inside my Pelican case. But not everybody has a Pelican box on palm and not everybody wants their rigging sealed away, where it can infrequently be a pain to hunt through.

If you’re looking for a good home storage resolution for your camera gear, I’ve dull adult 3 opposite DIY options that we can use and tweak to your liking. Each process serves a possess purpose, so take a demeanour during all of them and see what works best for you.

Door Organizer

You know those shoe organizers that hang on a behind of doors? Well, they don’t need to be for shoes only. Seen in a above video, YouTuber MichaelTheMentor shows how he’s incited a inexpensive and elementary doorway organizer into a ultimate lens classification system.

Not all lenses will fit, though if we get a stout adequate organizer, we shouldn’t have a problem storing a engorgement of smaller lenses and peep units. One problem we predict is a overhanging of a organizer when we open and tighten a door. You don’t wish your lenses removing knocked around each time we open a door, so it competence be intelligent to put some arrange of stuffing behind a organizer, be it skinny froth or even an aged fleece blanket.

Wine Rack


If we cite to uncover off your camera rigging during home, another choice is to use a booze rack. Illustrator Ryan Hamrick shoots with Samsung’s mirrorless camera complement and motionless to arrangement all of his lenses orderly within booze racks.

Any booze shelve would work, and we have a choice of unresolved it on a wall or simply sitting it on your desk. As for downsides, besides being out in a open, where would-be thieves could simply mark a costly gear, this unclosed choice means you’ll expected find dirt on your gear, so ensue with counsel if we confirm to take this route.

Charging Box


This one competence not tumble underneath a same difficulty as a other two, though we’re going to let that slide. As critical as it is to keep your rigging organized, one of a bigger hurdles is gripping your chargers organized.

To solve a everlasting emanate of tangled cords, cinematographer Yair Shiloach combined a DIY charging case, that houses adequate room to assign over a dozen batteries during once. Using a tough aluminum box alongside a tradition energy unit, Shiloach was means to make an all-in-one resolution that’s as easy to use on a go as it is during home.

Wrapping it up

These are only 3 ways to keep your rigging organized, both during home and away. If we know of any other DIY rigging classification solutions, or have combined your own, share them in a comments below!

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