Three years after the launch, Malaysia’s Socialwalk is finally anticipating the stride

September 22, 2014 - storage organizer

Three years after a launch, Malaysia's Socialwalk is finally anticipating a stride

“Take Aviato. That’s not a name that we found. It’s a name that found me. On a prophesy quest,” said Erlich Bachmann, a illusory owners of a startup incubator in a HBO strike Silicon Valley. This positively elicited many laughs (including mine), yet a law is that many successful startups got their winning thought by events that ‘found them’.

Take Socialwalk, a Malaysia-based business matchmaking platform, for example. According to Socialwalk COO Eileen Feng, they didn’t start off providing business relating services. Instead, they were simply doing eventuality registration behind in 2009, and chanced on a thought by one of their clients customarily 3 years later:

We were traffic with one of a discussion organisers, who was joining businesses and SMEs from around a world. They didn’t customarily wish an eventuality registration height – they wanted some approach to get people to know who they should accommodate adult and pronounce with right before a conference. This would save them a lot of time that would be differently spent walking and roaming around randomly. That was when we initial started putting a business relating thought into software.

Back then, eventuality registration was an intensely prohibited industry, with large players such as Eventbrite winning a scene. With so many players around, though, Socialwalk CEO and owner Tham Keng Yew says prices were driven down – it was profitable, yet customarily barely. It was during that indicate of time in 2012 that Tham met Feng in a business discussion in Kuala Lumpur, and together they motionless to pivot.

“Business relating is not something we combined – it’s been around for a prolonged time,” Feng acknowledges, yet adds that many of a foe they faced was in a form of ‘directories’ that listed who participants were during a sold events. “That was a many simple form of business matching, yet we brought that to a serve turn with a platform,” she recalls.

Initially, they offering their services during conferences, yet eventually Tham satisfied that trade shows were distant some-more profitable. “Trade shows typically have attendances of 30,000 or so – conferences, customarily 3,000. Trade uncover organizers also have some-more money,” he explains, adding that many of a networking collection currently are still focused customarily on conferences, with trade uncover lacking identical options.

At that indicate of time, Singapore had comparably some-more trade shows than Malaysia did, many of that were incomparable and some-more international. “That was when we came into a design – we knew some of a muster organizers in Singapore, and so we done a preference to move this judgment over,” Feng recalls.

As it turns out, they were means to get a third largest muster in Singapore, a International Furniture Fair, to take them on, that was a outrageous boost for their credibility. The eventuality also brought about 15,000 users onto their platform, that was a illusory start, according to Feng.

“That was unequivocally a branch point,” she says. “We let a general throng try us out, and we got a lot of useful feedback from them, that was useful in vouchsafing us know what to concentration on instead of providing all and anything.”

A second pivot

With their thought validated, they began to widespread their use to exhibitions in about 6 to 7 countries regionally. Back then, they were charging muster organizers who wanted to supplement value for their exhibitors and visitors.

Therein lay a problem. These muster organizers saw Socialwalk’s use as customarily another ‘value-add’, and mostly asked a twin if they could give it to them for free, or assign them reduction for it:

We satisfied that a value of business relating is indeed not to a muster organizers, yet to a manufacturers who wanted to strech out to general distributors. In such a situation, we were not means to pull adult a prices. In fact, they were going down steadily, and we knew we had to change a business model.

This eventually led to their second pivot, that is their stream business indication – selling their relating use to exhibitors and visitors directly. “There are customarily about 30 to 40 really creditable muster organizers out there. If we demeanour during manufacturers and suppliers, we are looking during 300 million intensity business instead – that became a aim audience,” Feng recounts. “We were still in a trade uncover scene, yet we began to form partnerships with organizers instead, and they helped to foster a use to their exhibitors and visitors.”

Why would muster organizers still select to form partnerships with Socialwalk? According to Feng, their advantage is their extensive strech that extends over mixed regions:

We have about 170,000 members regulating a height today. Also, a participation isn’t customarily singular to Asia – a tip 3 regions right now are indeed Asia, Middle East, and Europe. As an muster organizer, we would wish to widespread news of your uncover as distant and as far-reaching as possible, and we have a clever network of preference makers who we can assistance foster to.

Not all exhibitions are within their range – in particular, Tham says that they now aim a food industry. “When we initial started out, we went after each attention – 25 of them – that was a outrageous mistake. We widespread ourselves too thin,” he explains. “We narrowed that down to 3 industries final year, and this year we motionless to concentration on FB exhibitions only.”

Focusing on scale

The height has been flourishing customarily during a rate of about 15 percent monthly for purebred users. Perhaps some-more importantly, given Jan this year they’ve perceived roughly 300,000 views opposite their profiles.


Socialwalk’s simple package, that costs $96, offers clients 9 endorsed profiles that will be hand-picked by a team, of that 6 will be guaranteed ‘successful matches’. A ‘successful match’ is done when both parties have supposed a invitation to bond on a platform, that comes in a form of a parasite on their profile.

According to Feng, a success rate is comparatively high. “If you’re a giveaway member, we give we 3 endorsed profiles per month, of that dual would customarily be successful matches,” she claims. However, from a platform-wide viewpoint – holding profitable members into comment as good – Tham thinks that a series is some-more like 15 percent, holding a prior month as a reference.

Beyond a simple package, members can opt to squeeze dual upgrades, a initial of that would extend them to a personal introduction by a Socialwalk group to a successful compare of their choice, with a second bumping that adult to a face-to-face assembly during a exhibition. The dual upgrades cost $50 and $100 respectively.

Thus distant a height has customarily about 800 profitable members, that creates for a acclimatisation rate of about 0.15%. However, Feng emphasizes that they’re not so focused on income during a impulse – they customarily wish to get some-more people to use their platform.

“If we start receiving good leads by a giveaway membership, it creates clarity to ascent accordingly to get even some-more of them – that’s what we’re counting on in a prolonged run,” Feng adds.

This is since they’re also operative tough on augmenting a success rate of matches. Successful matches are delicately grown by a group in 3 stages: pre-show, onsite, and post-show. In a pre-show stage, Socialwalk has a relating group who sends out a raise of email to remind members to refurbish their profiles and make them demeanour good, as good as giving out recommendations. “They’re like a dating group within a company, reminding and enlivening people to accommodate during a event,” Tham explains.

The dating component comes during a eventuality proper, when muster organizers yield a group with a counter where they can promote face-to-face meetings. The relating group continues to send out some-more emails after a eventuality to inspire members to accommodate adult their endorsed matches outward of a eventuality setting.

The pivotal to success

Providing entrance to an general network of business contacts is Socialwalk’s winning proposition, as it helps internal manufacturers go over their borders and strech new markets in an fit manner. Right now, they can be found in events opposite 9 countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, and Vietnam.

“When people use Socialwalk, a pivotal thought is to be means to know who is a right chairman they should bond with, and where they can move their products to,” Feng explains, and gives a new successful box study:

Recently, we had a manufacturer from Philippines called Mama Sita use a platform. She’s really creditable in supermarkets and restaurants opposite Philippines, yet she had no thought how to enhance into new markets. So, in such cases, manufacturers would typically move their products to trade shows. But what we did was to suggest to her some of a distributors who were looking for her product, and what their networks and purchasing bill were like. In a end, one of her successful matches was a distributor who has a really clever marketplace in a Middle East, reaching out to about 450 supermarkets and hotels.

Next steps

Moving forward, a group is focusing on augmenting signups and successful matches. Their efforts are profitable off – some organizers have even started giving them a bill for mouth-watering big-name sell owners, such as Sims Trading and Cold Storage, to these events. “These are brands that any manufacturer would wish to get in hold with, and they come to events since they are invited by Socialwalk,” Tham claims. “That’s a energy that we have right now in a fb industry.”

The twin is also looking towards Europe and a US. So far, they have had singular success – they’ve been to an muster in Germany once. Having lifted a extend from Malaysia’s CIP500 seed fund in 2011, as good as MYR1 million (US$309,000) in seed appropriation from Crystal Horse Investments behind in 2012, they are now going after a Series A turn to account their pull into a aforementioned regions.

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