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March 2, 2018 - storage organizer

My workflow has relied on SmugMug starting behind in Mar of 2008, and after a decade of use, my classification was a disaster. In that ten-year span, a concentration of my business has evolved, and SmugMug’s facilities grew with it, and my account was good past due for cleaning house a remodel. Part how-to and partial review, check out what we did to revamp my comment so we can simply configure your site like a pro.

Folder Organization

The primary motivator for me to overhauling my SmugMug classification came with a rebranding in 2017. New websites were built out to apart a core focuses of my work. My photographs need to get in front of blurb clients, publications, editors, designers, and a occasional mural client. In identifying primary areas to concentration on, a organizer fast became my friend. we had already built apart and focused websites for any form of work that we perform regularly, combined with a specific assembly in mind.

For my SmugMug organization, a hierarchy of a few primogenitor folders was combined to match, one for any genre of my work and afterwards began to apart it out into some-more specific areas. That meant regulating a organizer to emanate sections for my blurb and repository clients, that is where a infancy of my work exists today, as good as mural clients. The organizer allows you to drag and dump galleries to arrange your work in a judicious fashion, and for y me it was a routine of reduction. In serve to formulating discerning settings for any gallery, it’s useful for painlessly collection modifying settings for mixed galleries.

Create a hierarchy of a few primary folders in a SmugMug organizer, afterwards classify within those folders.

Within those primogenitor folders, we combined a subfolder for any genre or client, either they have mixed galleries or not. It establishes a workflow for we and your clients, where all of their calm lands in one approaching location. Each folder and gallery is set to have a cover and header sketch for purify visible representation.

In a past, my priority was mostly to get finished images online as fast as probable and in front of a client, not meditative about a bigger picture. we motionless to mix all of my mural genres and formulating folders for any client. In that way, all of their photographs from over a years, regardless of eventuality form stock in one folder, that creates for a smashing knowledge and connects any family to their story in my work.

Each customer recieved a dedicated folder to embody all of their images as their tour in life progresses.

Site Design and Presentation

Establishing cohesive branding with my primary websites was nonetheless another focus. It took some time though eventually, we struck a balance, formulating a matched cultured while streamlining a classification and including a many powerful, impending features. In a SmugMug editor, it’s critical to note that we can make changes to a whole site or to a specific page we are on. You can also work on your pattern and save changes before edition them. There are nearby unconstrained facilities and no coding is required.

It’s intensely critical to note that customized options can be practical to a whole site, home page, all folders, all galleries, or to a tradition gallery formed on your selection, globally and by specific pattern elements. Noting this will save we from many nonessential headaches.

The aesthetics of SmugMug are immensely customizable. we setup my comment to compare my primary websites for a some-more seamless experience. Defining a subdomain took that formation another step further.

The aesthetics of my broadcasting work and blurb work now closely compare my SmugMug account, that serves as a customer portal.

Taking that congruity a step further, we have a series of domains that are all in use and was gratified to learn subdomains can be used during no additional cost to facade a whole website. That will concede we to redefine your URL to a cleaner one that matches your primary domain, such as clients.(yourdomainhere).com. How we go about environment that adult depending on your horde though you’ll need to indicate SmugMug and your domain horde during one another in your settings. Online tutorials tend to get old-fashioned quickly, generally on a domain side, so it took a tiny hearing and blunder on my partial though it was unequivocally easy to do. 


In my workflow, we need a lot of opposite forms and sizes of organizations to be means to entrance my photographs differently. If I’m operative with a blurb customer or magazine, SmugMug allows me to emanate dark folders for any organisation of galleries. A cue can be set for a engineer to download images a la carte, while prints and downloads can be protected by a business being photographed. we also use my comment operative with a non-profit organization in Kenya, Rafiki Africa Foundation, a propagandize and women’s empowerment program. There, my comment also functions as an picture repository for a classification to lift from, as good as an off-site backup though a need for a dedicated server. we can usually suppose how many applications exist for people and groups over that of a veteran photographer.

Helpful Tips to Save You Time and Better Organize

  • Pick a few primary categories for organizing your galleries and emanate analogous folders in a organizer, afterwards classify from there. 
  • You can fast entrance particular and collection gallery settings in a Organizer. This is useful for configuring entrance and visibility, cost lists, gallery aesthetics, only to name a few.
  • You can collection revise settings for all galleries within a folder.
  • Create a dedicated dark folder during a tip spin for your executive images, logo, ensign images, portfolios, and so forth. Make certain a calm is not private. we had a customer locate that a favicon left and mentioned it in review a other day.
  • You can keep formulating subfolders for a some-more polished organizational structure, that we frequency recommend.
  • Establish a identical fixing convention. Gallery links will be generated when galleries are relocated though it’s a tiny cost to compensate for refined, discerning navigation.
  • When modifying a visible calm for your site, we can fast conclude what areas we are operative in. 
  • If holding your SmugMug site on all during once is too overwhelming, collect one area of your website and concentration on that first. You’ll see a rewards removing one difficulty of your work perfected, afterwards request those settings and what we schooled to a rest of your site. It will be some-more manageable, assistance we learn some-more quickly, and save we from surplus stairs as we make changes via your organizational structure.

What we Like

  • Flexibility and abyss to hoop many opposite workflows well.
  • Set a tradition domain or subdomain with a favicon to improved confederate your SmugMug comment with another website.
  • Unlimited online JPEG storage that is good as another backup of finished work, while also portion as a customer portal.
  • Sell prints! If we are a mural or marriage photographer this will be a core partial of your workflow. You can customize your prices and set as many or as few (I went with a latter) imitation sizes and paper forms as we like.
  • Powerful nonetheless elementary customization to both form and duty during scarcely each turn.
  • Customize your right click summary to strengthen digital files from being saved in a web browser.
  • Users could potentially contend SmugMug as a primary website with built-in ordering.
  • The ability to emanate a download couple to a whole gallery to share with clients or friends.
  • Superb support in a forms of a support core deliberating topics that can fast indicate we to a information we need, and discuss support if we need additional guidance.

What Could Be Improved

  • Shortcut to perspective gallery statistics while logged in and looking during that specific gallery.
  • List perspective within a gallery organizer to perspective record size, picture names, and metadata for all of a enclosed content.
  • Continued improvements to collection modifying settings for galleries and folders. There are copiousness of shortcuts already, though we wouldn’t contend no to some-more of them. If we start out on a right foot, this won’t be a regard in a least, though as we learn more, we competence wish to change some-more settings opposite a board.
  • It is an investment of both income and time. Even after a decade, I’m still operative on ways to get some-more out of it. Like anything, it takes time to learn some of a in and outs though it’s not hard. we spend distant too many time training software, handling emails, and frequency make a time we should reviewing a newest features.

Overhauling my SmugMug comment was a prolonged time coming, and it has developed with my work over a final decade to a indicate we can’t suppose my workflow currently otherwise. Once your workflow and discerning settings are established, from there it’s simply a matter of holding advantage of any new facilities down a line.

Formerly, my site was in finish irregularity though cleaning it adult doesn’t have to take a lot of time. The serve we wish to labour it, you’ll get out whatever we put into it. Had we kept improved organizational practices from a start, it would have taken reduction work though currently I’m happy with how it presents. As with training anything, from a new camera to a new post-production software, a biggest plea is spending time finding how facilities can advantage we and your clients. If we are only starting out, or a seasoned user like we am, hopefully, these tips will accelerate your workflow. SmugMug’s YouTube channel has a horde of tutorials available, and we can check out a free, fourteen-day hearing of SmugMug here

What facilities do we use most? Are there any that you’d like to see combined in a future? Is there another provider we use that offers opposite features? Let us know in a comments below!

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