Top 10 Best Shower Totes & Shower Caddies for Dorm Living

July 11, 2017 - storage organizer


Dorm life can be chaotic adequate with assembly new people, cramming for exams, and who suspicion an 8 a.m. category was a good thought anyway? At slightest we can streamline your morning (or evening) immersion slight streamlined by gripping all of your immersion needs orderly and prepared to go. Stop wasting time looking for your conditioner and razor and get it all together with one of these accessible immersion totes and caddies.

When selecting a immersion caddy, it’s critical to cruise about your needs. Do we batch adult on jumbo distance bottles of shampoo and conditioner? Do we need room for a washcloth, bath pouf or loofah? Want a protected cell to store your razor? Will we be holding this to a gym, roving with it, or only streamer down a gymnasium to a shower? Have your possess lavatory that we share with suitemates? Once we figure out what we need your immersion caddy to do for you, it will be a zephyr to figure out what a right resolution is for you.

So either you’re pity a lavatory with mixed roommates, have a million morning essentials, or only wish an easy approach to receptacle your soap and shampoo to a stalls down a hall, there’s something on this list for you. Here are a tip 10 best immersion totes and caddies for dorm living.

1. Best Basic Shower Tote: Handy Bathroom Personal Organizer



This elementary filigree basket is a ideal elementary immersion caddy when we don’t have a lot of things to organize. It comes in a accumulation of colors and has 3 inner pockets to keep things separate. The pop-up character support means it folds prosaic for storage or for make-up (hooray for not holding adult additional space in your luggage!). Despite a minimal design, it can reason utterly a lot, and a stout hoop means it should final around your college career. And during this price, we can means to get one in each color!

Price: $7.99

Buy a Handy Bathroom Personal Organizer here.

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2. Best Jumbo Shower Tote: Go Fresh Shower Caddy



If you’re toting around jumbo-sized bottles or wish additional room for all of your products, this is a receptacle for you. It has 7 pockets: 6 on a side, and one vast slot in a center. we adore a contented aqua blue quick-dry filigree that allows we to see where all is and resists mold and mildew. You can even fit a span of sneaks, a towel, and your H2O bottle for a discerning outing to a gym.

Price: $29.99

Buy a Go Fresh Shower Caddy here.

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3. Best Hanging Shower Caddy With Pockets: Honla 2-Pack Hanging Mesh Bath Shower Caddy Organizer



If we have your possess en-suite shower, cruise about this accessible unresolved immersion slot organizer. It comes as a 2-pack, so we will immediately make friends with your new roommate by carrying one for her too. The filigree pockets are low and wide, empty and dry quickly, and are mold and mould resistant. Organizing positively all we need in your immersion couldn’t be easier. It doesn’t come with a possess hooks, so cruise picking adult a container of these during a same time: AmazonBasics Rust Resistant Shower Curtain Roller Hook Rings (pack of 12 for $6.93).

Price: $10.98 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy a Honla 2-Pack Hanging Mesh Bath Shower Caddy Organizer here.

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4. Best Customizable Hanging Shower Caddy: Vidan Rustproof Dual Installation (Hanging or Mounted) Shower Caddy

Vidan Shower Caddy


Another good solution, if we have your possess shower, is this tractable unresolved immersion caddy. It’s got tons of room for everyone’s jumbo-sized bottles and lots of hooks for razors, poufs, and more. You can hang it from your immersion head, or mountain it on a wall regulating a complicated avocation suction cups. It’s both stout and stylish, and a rustproof immaculate steel means it will final for ages.

Price: $45.99 (34 percent off MSRP)

Buy a Vidan Rustproof Shower Caddy here.

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5. Best Shower Tote For a Gym: Showaflops ShowaBag Waterproof Drawstring Shower Backpack



This lightweight waterproof trek is a ideal resolution for holding all of your immersion products to a gym, and it doubles as a ideal daybag for a beach. One executive receptacle carries a change of garments and a many outmost filigree pockets can reason soap, shampoo, physique wash, conditioner, flip flops, a loofah, and whatever else we need. It even includes a see-through waterproof bag for your phone so we can content from a shower.

Price: $16.89

Buy a Showaflops ShowaBag Waterproof Drawstring Shower Backpack here.

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6. Best Fabric Tote: mDesign Vegan Patent Leather Tote



This brightly colored receptacle is both stout and attractive. The vegan obvious leather keeps your products secure though display them off to a world. Drainage holes in a bottom meant H2O won’t get trapped inside, and inner pockets keep all organized. If you’re looking for something stout and lovable while still being discreet, this receptacle is only a ticket. It comes in a accumulation of colors and sizes to fit your needs.

Price: $12-19.99 depending on distance and color

Buy a mDesign Vegan Patent Leather Tote here.

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7. Best For Travel: Diniwell Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag



If we adore to transport (even if it’s only home each other weekend to desire mom to do your laundry), this is a ideal toiletry organizer for you. Stop make-up and unpacking your immersion products for each outing and keep them orderly in this lovable transport receptacle that simply unzips to hang from your immersion rod. It’s also a good approach to keep your business private on your approach to and from a bathroom. It comes in a accumulation of colors and patterns during a unequivocally good price.

Price: $12.99

Buy a Diniwell Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag here.

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8. Best Minimalist Design: Yuma Active Shower Bag Tote

Yuma Mesh Shower Bag


If you’re someone who likes to keep your immersion slight simple, afterwards we don’t need a huge, honking receptacle to projection around. Keep your basis cumulative in this elementary filigree zippered bag. It’s vast adequate for full-sized bottles though still really light and compact. The filigree caddy comes as a set with a (non-waterproof) black drawstring receptacle to keep your effects private. The suction crater works best on potion so we competence wish to deposit in a offshoot to hang it from a screen rod or immersion head. we suggest a Stansport Oversized Carabiner ($2.47) since it’s inexpensive and vast adequate to fit over a immersion rod.

Price: $13.84 (60 percent off MSRP)

Buy a Yuma Active Shower Bag Tote here.

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9. Best Adjustable Tote With Razor Storage: Quirky Cargo Shower Caddy

Quirky Shower Tote


Quirky is a personality in new pattern ideas, and this tractable receptacle is a ideal example. It has an inner bungee complement that can be customized to fit your needs exactly. It’s vast adequate to reason even jumbo sized bottles along with all else you’ll need. The singular outmost offshoot is ideal for gripping your razor protected and secure, and a stout cosmetic means it will final prolonged over your college years.

Price: $12.99 – $35.98

Buy a Quirky Cargo Shower Caddy here.

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10. Best For Carrying Cosmetics: mDesign Bathroom Shower Caddy Tote



While this receptacle is dictated as a immersion caddy, we find a smaller compartments and drainage holes some-more matched to carrying cosmetics or elementary toiletries to a lavatory or gripping them orderly on a shelf. It is a ideal resolution for carrying your makeup to a loo down a gymnasium to get prepped in a morning, or transporting face rinse and toothpaste to get prepared for bed during night. If we have a lavatory en-suite, it’s also a stylish resolution to gripping all orderly and tidy.

Price: $14.99

Buy a mDesign Bathroom Shower Caddy Tote here.

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