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July 26, 2017 - storage organizer

InventHelp is attempting to contention a TROTLINE ORGANIZER to germane companies for their review.


Tangled trotline can rubbish a lot of time and bid during fishing trips, that detracts from an differently fun and relaxing activity. This is because an contriver from Lexington, Okla., grown something that keeps trotline tangle-free in tackle boxes or toolboxes.

The patent-pending TROTLINE ORGANIZER allows for some-more accessible storage and ride of trotline. It keeps trotline from apropos tangled, that eliminates con and frustration, as good as saves time and effort.

Ergonomic and easy to use, a TROTLINE ORGANIZER is designed to foster preference and enjoyment, and it’s ideal for all trotline fishing enthusiasts.

The contriver has combined a antecedent of his idea.

The strange pattern was submitted to a Oklahoma City bureau of InventHelp. It is now accessible for chartering or sale to manufacturers or marketers. For some-more information, write Dept. 16-OLC-218, InventHelp, 217 Ninth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, or call (412) 288-1300 ext. 1368. Learn some-more about InventHelp’s Invention Submission Services during http://www.InventHelp.com

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