Truck Drawer System: How we Built Out My Pickup Bed

July 27, 2018 - storage organizer

This essay is about a drawer. Well, actually, it’s about how a drawer helps we journey more. Let me explain.

The slightest discussed — and arguably many essential — partial of winding life is storage. It’s not sexy, badass, or terribly fun to write about. But a well-designed storage complement is positively required for full-time life on a road.

Keeping your car orderly as we transport allows for some-more spontaneity, happiness, and adventure. It all starts with plywood, screws, and courteous design.

Our editor, Andy Cochrane, built out his Tacoma for life on a road. Check out his storage devise for ideas on how to get out and stay organized.

Living in a Toyota Tacoma

How we Set Up My Tacoma for Life on a Road

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Truck Bed Storage: Drawer, Roof Mount, Glovebox

My lorry is now on a sixth iteration, with some updates bigger than others. There have been diverting oversights and miscalculations along a approach — and some artistic carpentry.

Progressively, I’ve schooled what works and what doesn’t. Begrudgingly, I’ve ripped it all out and to start over some-more than once. My one square of advice? Keep it as elementary as possible.


My storage system’s centerpiece is a drawer in my lorry bed. It’s elementary and handmade, assembled essentially with ⅜-inch plywood and half-inch screws. It’s 6 feet long, using a whole length of my lorry bed, and 6 inches high. This leaves adequate room to lay adult in a behind of a lorry while still wise vast pots and pans inside.

The drawer functions as my pantry, kitchen, bookshelf, and diverse storage bin. It carries everything: supplies, snacks, gangling batteries, tools, tape, rope, stoves, filters, H2O bottles, and many more.

Without it, my lorry would be a mess, negligence me down and eventually mitigating journey opportunities. Not cool.

Roof Mount

The subsequent pivotal partial of my storage complement is my Thule Motion XT Alpine, mounted on a roof. It’s distant from a largest roof box on a market, though it has adequate space for a integrate pairs of skis, tents, sleeping bags, packs, and climbing and camping gear.

I mounted a 100-watt-hour stretchable solar quarrel on tip of a Motion XT Alpine, that is scarcely invisible to many other cars. The Motion is easy to open, thatch securely, and doesn’t mutilate my gas mileage — that is a biggest plus.


For all of my smaller security — cords, electronics, knives, pens, pills, etc. — we keep my glovebox orderly with a Toyota Tacoma Glove Box Organizer. This cosmetic device allows me to classify by a magnitude of use and distance as good as gold identical equipment in groups.

For instance, when I’m make-up for a trip, we can fast squeeze my headlamp, first-aid kit, knife, chapstick, and good fitness attract all in one fell swoop.

Truck Life: Backseat Thriving

The biggest creation in a Tacoma is a storage in a behind of a double cab. After a year of boring my feet, we finally pulled out a behind quarrel of seats and built a tradition setup, designed for my lifestyle. On a back motorist side, we keep my garments (I don’t have many) underneath a bed for my dog, Bea. She refuses to transport in a front seat.

On a back newcomer side, we have a solar-powered shifting fridge, a Goal Zero 1400 battery, a 7-gallon H2O jug, and a 20-pound propane tank that fuels my stay stove. This took me a integrate days to pattern and sketch, and a weekend to build with my dad. And it’s lasted dual years but vast modifications.

In a remaining nooks and crannies, we fit diverse camera gear, dog accessories, toiletries, mugs, froth rollers, tough drives, and snacks to keep me fueled on a go. I’ve schooled how to be prudent about what to move and when to contend no, generally with vast and massive items.

More than a well-advertised leisure of winding life, a biggest doctrine and fun has been simplicity. The reduction we have, a happier you’ll be.

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