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September 12, 2015 - storage organizer


A few weeks ago, we introduced we to a TUO, a transport organizer designed to save space and make make-up easier. Since then, I’ve had a event to transport and exam a TUO for myself. Will it palliate a frustrations of travelers everywhere or is it a Kickstarter debate full of dull promises?



In box we don’t remember, a TUO is a H2O resistant transport organizer that contains 3 detached zippered compartments to store undergarments, tiny clothing, or accessories. When open, a TUO measures 12.5″ x 28″; when closed, it measures 12.5″ x 9.5″. The TUO also includes a small, dual slot washing bag to keep unwashed garments detached from clean.


The tip dual compartments any enclose 3 effervescent pockets to support with storage.


The hoop is detachable, permitting we to hang a TUO in a closet or in a bathroom.

Once packed, a TUO is cumulative regulating dual snaps.

The TUO is accessible in 5 colors, Signature White, Singnautre Black, Hibiscus White, Hibiscus Black, and a special book root pattern.



This is what my container looked like before regulating a TUO. It’s not terribly disorganized, though there isn’t many room left. Anyone who’s each trafficked – generally with children – knows a lapse outing customarily requires additional room for souvenirs or other equipment we purchased while away.

The designers explain a TUO will be means to store adult to 7 days of undergarments. In their promotional video, they advise group can container ties, belts, socks, boxers, and a swimsuit. They afterwards go on to container what appears to be 4 boxers, 1 swimsuit, 5 socks, 1 tie, and a belt.


Always adult for a challenge, we motionless to see how many things we could container in a TUO. In a design above, we have 3 swimsuits, 9 pairs of underwear, and 11 socks. My mother laughed and pronounced there was no approach we was wise all of that into a organizer.


To my wife’s astonishment, we was means to fit all into a TUO. The filigree was prepared to detonate and it took a bit of flesh to indeed get a zipper closed, though all fit nonetheless.


When a time came to overlay a TUO and secure it shut, a snaps were too distant apart. This shouldn’t be seen as a disastrous on a partial of a TUO; I’ve clearly exceeded a endorsed storage capacity.


Despite being incompetent to tighten a TUO, we wanted to see if it would giveaway adult space in my suitcase. As we can see, a TUO done a outrageous difference; a entertain of my container had been liberated up. It should also be noted, a hosiery we stored in a TUO weren’t stored in a categorical container cell in a initial photo. The hosiery were stored in a zippered cell in a lid. So not usually has a TUO liberated adult space in a categorical compartment, though it emptied out a second cell as well.


I know not everybody is peaceful to abuse a device they paid good income for; with that in mind, we also motionless to exam a TUO by make-up a endorsed volume of clothing. The above design is a TUO sealed after make-up it with 7 hosiery and 7 pairs of underwear. This time we was means to secure a TUO regulating a trustworthy snaps, though we did knowledge dual teenager issues.

First, we had a bit of problem removing my underwear into a effervescent pockets. we had to hurl them adult and jam them into a pockets for them to fit properly. we had a bit of problem holding a slot open and fixation my equipment in them during a same time. we consider it would have been a bit easier if a whole cell unzipped, permitting we easier entrance to a pockets.

Second, we also had a bit of problem removing a snaps to stay secured. After make-up a TUO, we could secure one snap tighten though issue; however, when we attempted to snap a second, a initial would come undone. After several tries, we was means to get both secured. Instead of a snaps, we would have elite a bend identical to those securing my garments in my suitcase.


After make-up a TUO formed on a endorsed capacity, we placed it in my suitcase. Unlike earlier, a TUO isn’t unequivocally saving me many space. The space saved progressing is assigned by my swimsuits and a lid cell still contains a handful of socks.


After nearing out a destination, we unpacked a TUO and hung it in a closet. The TUO’s ability to detach a hoop to hang it anywhere is really useful. On this sold outing we had plenty storage space; however, in a past, we have trafficked with my family and we all struggled to find places to store a items. Having a TUO hang in a closet is like carrying an additional nightstand with you.

I attempted out a washing bag while away, though didn’t find it really useful. For me, it’s only too small. One night while on vacation we was going out with my mother and indispensable to move some gangling clothes. we was bringing a span of load shorts, underwear, and hosiery and motionless to use a washing bag to lift them. we was means to fit all in there, though it didn’t leave room for many more. If we am regulating a washing bag, I’m many expected regulating it for some-more than dual or 3 items.


I don’t consider there is a decisive answer on either a TUO is value a squeeze or not. we consider it’s going to come down to a box by box basis. If we don’t mind pulling a boundary and make-up it to a gills, a TUO will defintely save we space. If you’re regulating it for accessories like ties, belts, watches, etc., a TUO will assistance keep we organized.

Also, as humorous as it might seem, a TUO’s utility depends on a form of underwear we wear. Cotton fighter briefs like cave are going to take adult some-more space than unchanging briefs or boxers. Men’s underwear tends to enclose some-more element and substantially takes adult some-more room than women’s. The same goes for socks; my wife’s ankle hosiery take adult a lot reduction room than my dad’s 1970’s tube socks.

I feel a same for a washing bag. Someone like me who doesn’t mind tossing all their unwashed garments in one bag won’t get many use of it; however, if we like gripping hosiery and underwear separate, it might work wonders for you.

At a finish of a day, we can see myself regulating a TUO on destiny trips and trust for a right people it might be a good purchase. we would suggest evaluating what we transport with to establish if it’s right for you.

Source: The representation for this examination was supposing by Origami Unicorn. Please revisit their site for some-more information.

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