Turkish painter’s works suggested 13 years later

July 23, 2014 - storage organizer

Turkish painter's works suggested 13 years later

Known as sea artist in a Turkish art world, Mustafa Günen has brought behind his portrayal that left 13 years ago. The paintings were found in storage. Speaking to a Anadolu Agency (AA), Günen claimed that a organizer, whom he worked with 13 years ago, never returned a paintings after their final muster and after disappeared. Günen said, “There was an detain aver for holding a woman’s [the organizer’s] matter nonetheless she could not be found anywhere. The lawsuit was forsaken due to a time lapse.”

A while ago a owners of a storage talked about some unknown paintings in his storage to one of his friend. Günen contacted him around a internet. He pronounced that a sum value of a paintings is approximately $200,000 (TL 423,920). Seven of a 12 paintings are vast in size. Günen pronounced he is really happy to collect his paintings. “The 7 of my paintings came behind since a organizer substantially could not lift them.

Large paintings are tough to sell. Smaller ones can be sole easily,” pronounced Günen. Stating that he customarily draws his paintings 100×170 cm of size, Günen said, “Right now, there is no other chairman in a universe who does these paintings in that distance and with this technique. It was created in magazines in New York that we use a technique that has not been seen for 200 years. There is an English painter who does these kinds of paintings smaller than a meter. He paints pleasing yachts, boats, sailboats on sea. He asks 300,000 (TL1.08 million) or 400,000 pounds for his paintings.

Successful sea artists wish too most income for their works,” Günen said. Some of his paintings were sole in London and became partial of critical collections. He serve emphasized that a painters who paint a sea customarily cite tiny sizes. “As a space becomes larger, portrayal a H2O becomes harder so other painters finish their works by adding boats and other things. we do not use any intent that boundary a transformation of a sea. we occasionally use tiny boats on my paintings,” pronounced Günen.

He told some of his works were shop-worn as they stayed in storage for a prolonged time. Günen’s 3 paintings are shown in a presidential collection. Günen pronounced he was really unapproachable as he was presented a play with a star and crescent on it along with an offical badge.

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