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June 17, 2016 - storage organizer

The students of Glen Acres Elementary School make a hulk No. 50 in respect of a school’s 50th birthday.

The students of Glen Acres Elementary School make a hulk No. 50 in respect of a school’s 50th birthday.
Submitted print — Ken Fuette, Glen Acres Elementary School

Known as a “Golden Jubilee,” celebrating 50 years can be a poignant milestone.

It wasn’t a matrimony anniversary, yet a birthday for dual facile schools in a West Chester Area School District.

On Jun 2, both Glen Acres Elementary and Penn Wood Elementary threw a birthday whack for a students and expertise during a particular propagandize for a day filled with fun and memories.

Glen Acres creatively non-stop with usually 20 classrooms and a loyalty took place on Jan. 15, 1967.

Today, a propagandize is incomparable after a “generous addition” in 1996-97, according to a school’s website, that enclosed a new gymnasium, an art room, dual song instruction rooms, dual tiny organisation instruction rooms, a vast organisation instruction room and dual additional classrooms.

The propagandize also perceived a facelift during that time.

“This year, we were celebrating a 50th year and all year long, we fundamentally were formulation a large jubilee that we did on Jun 2 in a school,” pronounced Ken Fuette, a clergyman during Glen Acres who helped classify a celebration. “It concerned everybody in a propagandize – all a students and a staff, as good as former teachers and administrators.”

Among those in assemblage during Glen Acres was dual of a former principals, along with a stream one.

During a morning assembly, each class turn took part.

“For example, a first- graders had to write and name students review what they suspicion Glen Acres was like 50 years ago,” Fuette said. “Then we had a fifth- graders also do something similar, yet they presented what Glen Acres would be 50 years from now in a year 2066.”

The first-graders believed that in 1966, a students had to lay in usually wooden desks where students were constantly removing splinters. The fifth-graders felt that in 2066, a propagandize would be served with a tram to take a students around a propagandize and they would sequence lunches regulating tablets and robots would deliver.

“It was unequivocally engaging to see what a kids suspicion a propagandize was 50 years ago and what they design it as 50 years from now,” Fuette said.

West Chester Mayor Carolyn Comitta stopped by as well, presenting a propagandize with a pivotal to a precinct and a commercial dogmatic Jun 2 as Glen Acres Day in West Chester.

After a assembly, a badge slicing was hold for a loyalty of a new outside classroom and cruise space on propagandize drift in an area that had been neglected for several years beside a playground.

“It was one of those days that distinguished who we are as a propagandize village and we were perplexing to compensate reverence to a past of Glen Acres, looking to a benefaction and a destiny during a school,” Fuette said.

Penn Wood creatively non-stop on Feb. 28, 1966, with 12 classrooms that were open-ended, definition yet doors or doorways.

Just dual years later, 6 additional classrooms were combined with another vital further in 1988.

Today, after a restoration usually a integrate of years ago, all a classrooms have now turn normal sealed bedrooms with particular entrances. The renovation, finished in dual parts, also combined dual new song classrooms, 4 new tyro restrooms, dual new expertise restrooms, a new cafeteria storage area and a new clergyman workroom.

“It’s celebrating a tradition of a propagandize that has, we think, over a time confirmed a impression given of a setting,” pronounced Ellen Gacomis, principal of Penn Wood. “The propagandize sits on an strange land extend from William Penn. The village and a propagandize district has, for a many part, respected that over time. Our environment is very, unequivocally special to us and we use a outdoor and indoors for training as most as we can.”

Penn Wood might not have had a mayor stop by, yet that doesn’t meant a students and expertise didn’t have their possess fun during a day, generally with a Time Tunnel, that featured artifacts and memorabilia from over a final 50 years.

“We had LIFE magazines from a 1970s, Golden Books, a typewriters, a rotary phones – we name it, we had it,” pronounced Kristin Ray, a clergyman who helped classify a day. “We had a cameras and how they have evolved, a record actor and, given Jen (Greene) and we are from a ‘80s, we had ‘Saved by a Bell’ and all those aged shows, moth hair clips, scrunchies and Cabbage Patch Kids.”

Though many of these equipment found in a Time Tunnel would still seem normal to a teachers, it was a indicate of mindfulness for a students.

“It was unequivocally engaging to see a things that they knew, for example, Rubik’s Cubes are renouned now, so they were vehement to see that,” pronounced Greene, another clergyman and organizer of a day. “To be honest, they were a small creeped out by a Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbie given dolls demeanour so opposite now. They were preoccupied that a record actor worked and was indeed personification music.”

Even yet Penn Wood’s jubilee went by a whole propagandize day, it also extended into a dusk to concede former staff and alumni to come see a propagandize again and how it has changed.

Current fifth-graders gave guided tours to a scarcely 200 people who came out for a dusk reception, that usually capped off a full day of mirth for a dual schools in a district.

“Everyone worked so tough to put a jubilee together,” Fuette said. “It was a large project, yet it was good value all a effort. It was usually a good day for everybody.”

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