TyDy, an app that aims to reinstate video conferencing in assembly rooms

August 6, 2014 - storage organizer

Less than a decade ago, one of a many common forms of distributed teams communicating was around a contention call. Participants would have their laptops during a ready, with a suitable Excel spreadsheets or Word papers open, and plead equipment and actions around speakerphone.

Time and record have marched on, and some-more and some-more work now gets finished on mobile phones and tablets, regulating a cloud and distributed storage.

But handling mixed papers associated to a assembly on mobiles and tablets can be cumbersome. It’s not only a matter of Alt+Tabbing between applications as contexts change.

This was a business event identified by Kiran Menon and Nikhil Gurjer. Menon, a CEO, is an aged web record hand, carrying worked during Opera Software, spearheading their expansion in India. Gurjer is a CTO, and has worked during mixed startups. Menon’s hermit and Gurjer’s hermit were classmates, and a dual had been friends for a prolonged time. In 2012, a dual motionless to make a go of it, and launched Tydy.

Tydy is a apparatus that allows for a origination of integrated calm regulating a array of templates, that can be common by mobile users. A assembly organizer can hide mixed forms of calm into a template and share it with assembly participants. Tydy’s categorical means of calm origination is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool, that allows a organizer to drag, dump and format opposite kinds of calm to be used in a discussion.

The guarantee of Tydy was apparent, as a association fast lined adult appropriation from a series of angel investors.

The association lifted $138,000 from a likes of Hareesh Ramana, MD of BORQS Software, Nikhil Ramanlal, executive of Atandra and a YEO member, Bhupen Shah, an active angel financier and businessman from Silicon Valley and others.
The product was launched in Oct 2013, and distinct many startups, saw success roughly right from a start.

“Tydy is used by retailers like Puma to capacitate digital interactivity in their section trebuchet stores. New collections, and multimedia calm that assistance showcase a products are managed from headquarters, while a stores use tablets to showcase these to customers. Puma also uses it to conduct their patron feedback campaigns.

Mantri Developers, on a other hand, has deployed iPads opposite a sales team. Tydy supposing them with a height to use these iPads during sales meets and to simply constraint lead information when interacting with a customers,” says Menon.

Manish Singhal, a CEO of LetsVenture, a match-making height that brings entrepreneurs and angel investors together, is confident about Tydy.

“TyDy is an sparkling association in a mobile calm smoothness space founded by Kiran and Nikhil. We during LetsVenture are really happy to be partial of their fundraising efforts,” he says.

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