Vintage lorry installed with Olander family history

August 3, 2014 - storage organizer

LONGMONT — Dean Olander stepped into a cab of his 1955 International Harvester lorry for a initial time in years Saturday.

Olander, 89, a Longmont resident, bought a lorry new in 1955 and used it to transport beets on his plantation in northeast Longmont and run errands around city for decades before pulling it into his garage for storage in 1982.

The lorry spasmodic comes out of storage for peculiar jobs around a plantation and birthday grain rides.

But Saturday, 3 generations of Olanders filled a vast wooden bed and a tiny cab during a 145th Boulder County Fair Livestock and Rodeo Parade.

The immature lorry filled with 21 Olanders, including Dean Olander, his children and his grandchildren who now live out of state, was one of 3 entries in this year’s new march category: internal history.

The difficulty was launched to give families such as a Olanders, who already were participating in a parade, a correct place, pronounced organizer Ken White.

“There’s a lot of story around here and I, personally, consider it’s unequivocally important,” White said. “The Boulder County Fair is a really chronological thing, so it’s a good fit.”

Besides a satisfactory kicking off, a Olanders have a lot to applaud this weekend. The family is celebrating Dean Olander’s 90th birthday, that is Tuesday, and his 70th anniversary as a farmer.

Dean Olander is a third of 5 generations of Olanders in Longmont. Dean Olander’s grandfather staid on a plantation on West Nelson Road in 1872.

“They done ditches by equine and hand-sled that ran underneath a dairy stable to keep it cool,” Dean Olander said.

Dean Olander’s father was also a Longmont farmer. Dean Olander has had his hands in a dirt given he can remember and started his possess plantation in 1944.

Dean Olander’s farm, that is now located in northeast Longmont, has grown peaches, barley, alfalfa, corn, pinto beans and sugarine beets over a years.

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