Watch: Share purchased iPhone or iPad apps with family members with iCloud

March 7, 2018 - storage organizer

Have we ever purchased an costly app on your iPhone and wondered if we could share it with your family or a name organisation of friends? AppleInsider shows we how to see if we can, and how to do it.

Let’s contend we purchased a diversion on your iPhone, and we wish to download that same app to your kids’ Apple devices. You can pointer into all of their inclination with your possess Apple ID, though this presents a series of confidence and logistical issues.

Apple already provides a approach to share apps between family members in Family Sharing. The underline lets we entice anyone in your family, adult to a limit of 6 people, into a common comment that includes all of your App Store purchases and more, so prolonged as a app supports Family sharing.

Considering that some apps can get flattering expensive, Family Sharing is a really appealing proposition.

To capacitate Family Sharing, go to Settings, daub on your name, daub Set Up Family Sharing, and daub Get Started.

You can now select a initial underline you’d like to share with your family.

For this video, we’ll select iTunes App Store Purchases. You can capacitate a rest of a facilities later.

Confirm your comment and a common remuneration method. Don’t worry, your family members won’t be means to squeeze anything though your permission.

Now Tap Invite Family Members. A new summary with an invitation will be created, and we can now entice mixed people.

After promulgation a invitation, a target simply needs to daub on it, and daub Join Family.

They’ll now have a choice of pity their possess personal purchases with a rest of a family. Now they can conduct into a Family Sharing settings, and see a Organizer, and what facilities are being shared.

They can also navigate to a app store and hunt an app that other family members have already purchased. When they strech a app’s page, it will uncover that they need to squeeze it. Simply behind out of a app, and daub on a user profile.

You’ll now see other family members underneath a Family Purchases section. Just daub on a member, and you’ll see a list of purchased apps that are shared. Simply daub a download from iCloud button. We’ve now downloaded and are personification a diversion that was formerly purchased by a family member.

Since a family member we invited motionless to share their possess personal purchases, a family organizer can now go in and download any app that a new family member purchased in a past.

This routine is accurately a same for iTunes and iBooks purchases.

The organizer can now go behind to a Family Sharing settings, daub on any family member, and possibly mislay them from a family, or endorse that they are a Parent or Guardian.
This will concede they to approve Ask to Buy requests from children.

Back in a Family Sharing settings, we can share other facilities like Apple Music, iCloud Storage, and Location.

If we daub on Purchase Sharing, we can invalidate Share My Purchases. This means that a other family members can still share their possess purchases, though they won’t have entrance to yours.

You can also perspective a common remuneration method, or Stop Family Purchase Sharing completely.

You can now supplement some-more Family Members, with a choice of mouth-watering around iMessage, or mouth-watering in Person, that allows we to entice by family member’s name, email address, or Game Center nickname.

Another probability is to emanate an comment for a child, that will need accede from a primogenitor or defender to make purchases. You’ll simply get a presentation when your child asks for accede to buy an app, and you’ll have a choice to accept or repudiate a request, true from your phone.

If you’re a organizer, we can daub on your possess name, and possibly change a Family Sharing comment settings, or stop family pity completely.

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