We Finally Found a Solution to Organizing Storage Lids in a Kitchen

June 20, 2018 - storage organizer

Your kitchen is usually as orderly as your Tupperware lids.

Pantry Organization for Tupperware Lids

No matter how orderly we try to be, it seems as nonetheless we can never find a right lid for a right bottom. I’m flattering certain a kitchen gods are personification tricks on me because we swear we put a lid in a right place–and yet, when we go to squeeze it again, nope. As tough as we try to smoke-stack a lids a “right way,” we finally satisfied a usually “right way” is to buy a Linus Lid organizer ($15; containerstore.com). It’s super affordable and even some-more reliable. 

When we got this organizer, my kitchen took a hulk whine of relief. Instead of opening a cupboard usually to be bombarded by a inundate of incompatible lids, I now get met with any lid ideally in place thanks to this talent storage product done by InterDesign. The BPA-free, transparent cosmetic bin is elementary nonetheless efficient. It’s divided into 3 compartments–one can fit 12 vast Tupperware lids, and a other dual compartments are for tiny lids (13 lids can fit in each, for a sum of 26).

The organizer fits ideally in my cupboard and is lightweight and easy to lift on and off a shelf when we need it. we adore that it alleviates some of a dismay and panic we used to knowledge when opening my cupboard door, looking for a ideal enclosure for my leftover mashed potatoes or something incomparable for holding a fruit salad to a friend’s potluck. 

It’s been generally useful for a smaller lids because those things are as good during magically disintegrating as socks. With these storage lids, I’m finally in charge–so what if a energy is going to my head? Now that I’ve successfully cut some of a clutter, my cabinets demeanour some-more organized, and I’m a lot reduction stressed out in my kitchen.

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