Wedivite: Online marriage formulation and sharing

September 4, 2014 - storage organizer

More than 7,000 couples around a universe already have used Wedivite, a initial free, socially integrated digital height exclusively for weddings. Appropriately, a alpha launch happened in a normal matrimony month of June.

Conceived and built by Israeli groom-to-be Ben Novak, Wedivite enables promulgation invitations around email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SMS or Whatsapp, or adding a QR formula to a printed invitation. There’s an choice to emanate a tradition page for a matrimony registry, too.

Guests can click to RSVP, supplement a eventuality to their Google calendar, get directions to a wedding, send greetings and gifts, suggest songs for a playlist and supplement photos to a online manuscript and live matrimony slideshow.

An refurbish due out shortly will offer additional facilities such as a dedicated present registry, formation with Google contacts and Dropbox (for imitation storage and printing), content reminders for guest and engineer invitation templates.

“We’re joining all to make it some-more gentle for couples to rivet guest and to make it cheaper and fun,” pronounced a 29-year-old founder.

Wedivite’s website and mobile app were launched in beta in Jan and became an present strike with couples in India, a United States, South Africa, a United Kingdom and Canada. A Spanish-language chronicle was combined before a alpha launch after augmenting direct from users in Spain, Latin America and a U.S., and Novak recently introduced a Korean beta version.


“Three months ago, a matrimony organizer from South Korea emailed me and pronounced online mobile invitations are large in Korea though they don’t have all we am offering, and she wanted to interpret all a element for me [in lapse for putting] her couple on my website in Korea,” he said.

While his fiancé is scouting out a robe and plcae for a couple’s May 2015 nuptials, Novak is knee-deep in a technical side of tentative matrimony, and is training that immeasurable informative differences need him to tweak Wedivite for specific audiences.

In South Korea, for instance, nobody uses PayPal or Google Maps, that are constituent to Wedivite. And given Koreans typically don’t dance during weddings, there’s no need for a song-suggestion feature.

“One of my dreams is to emanate a large infographic or PDF with informative differences between weddings that we have schooled about,” pronounced Novak, a Tel Aviv resident.

But some things are universal, such as a increasingly digital components surrounding a intrigue of engagements and weddings.

Mashable’s 2012 amicable and tech matrimony consult suggested that “relationship status” is a digital age’s chronicle of flash a new solid ring, as 31 percent of intent women refurbish their standing within hours of usurpation a matrimony proposal.

Other trends uncover that couples are forgoing classical matrimony formats in preference of ceremonies and receptions that simulate their personal tastes and emanate a certain knowledge for guest while gripping costs down.

“Wedivite is here to reset a customary of matrimony invitations from a normal to a digital,” Novak explained. “By putting social-media formation during a forefront of a platform, we commend a change that amicable media and digital participation has in a lives of today’s couples.”

Novak was desirous to start Wedivite by a review with a newly married crony whose matrimony photographer had unsuccessful to take a design of a groom’s mother. Though many guest take their possess photos during weddings, these couldn’t simply be combined to an central album.

“My thought was to make a shareable imitation manuscript for weddings, though we decided, given not make it a lot cooler?” Novak said. “Eventually it became what it is today.”

Novak hexed a claim skills to comprehend his thought given he has been a striking engineer and Web developer given age 14, and has knowledge operative for an ad group and as selling executive for New Media College in Tel Aviv.

“I always had my possess businesses on a side, though now we am 100 percent operative on Wedivite around a clock,” he said. 

That, and formulation his possess wedding. 


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