Weekend manifestation for special needs kids

May 16, 2015 - storage organizer

Posted: Friday, May 15, 2015 9:30 am

Weekend manifestation for special needs kids


Children and immature adults with disabilities will have a possibility to gleam when they step on a theatre for a Crowns Cases Special Needs Pageant during 6 p.m. Saturday during a Grand Theatre Center for a Arts.

Pageant organizer Lori Souza brought it behind for a second year to applaud a participants and lift income for Case for Kids, a nonprofit Souza started in 2013 to yield children in encourage caring with a flashy storage box filled with reserve when they pierce to a new family.

“We started a Crowns Cases module since we wanted to do something for children with special needs, though we also have a passion for kids in encourage care,” Souza said. “We can use this eventuality to prominence children with special needs and speak about children in encourage care.”

The village response to a manifestation final year was “amazing,” Souza said.

“I had no thought a impact it would make, and final year it was a relatives that were so impossibly grateful, since they pronounced they never had a eventuality to concede their children to gleam like they do in a program,” she said.

Saturday’s manifestation will underline 19 girls and 6 boys ages 3 to 23 with varying special needs, from Down syndrome and intelligent palsy to deafness and blindness.

“These kids wish to shine, and only by sitting in a audience, we are giving them that opportunity, and that’s what creates this eventuality so amazing,” Souza said. “These kids come out with a biggest smiles, a biggest personalities, and all they wish to do is for people to see them.”

Souza pronounced a manifestation will embody infrequent wear and outfit-of-choice segments. A video of a participants during a cruise replaces a talent apportionment of a normal manifestation format.

She pronounced that Dr. Rita Ng, a Tracy local who was Miss California in 2000 and second runner-up to Miss America in 2001, will co-emcee a pageant. The Rumors on 10th salon will yield hair styling and makeup for a participants.

Parents can accompany their children on stage, Souza said, and saying a assembly creates a outrageous disproportion in their lives, too.

“It only creates them feel like a village cares about their kids,” Souza said. “Having a child with special needs, a lot of times these relatives feel isolated. They feel lonely, and this eventuality creates them know Tracy cares.”

Tickets are $11 and are accessible during a Grand Theatre box bureau and www.atthegrand.org.

Contact Glenn Moore during gmoore@tracypress.com or 830-4252.

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Friday, May 15, 2015 9:30 am.

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