What Can Really Big SSDs Do For Me?

November 28, 2014 - storage organizer

Samsung was a colonize in introducing 3D NAND Flash memory (they call it V-NAND) in 2013 during a Flash Memory Summit and with shipping products in 2014. The association skeleton serve products augmenting a storage ability in entrance years. 3D peep memory stores information in stacks of peep memory cells contained in straight trenches in a silicon wafer rather than only in an array of peep memory cells on a aspect of a NAND peep wafer. Tom Coughlin is ubiquitous authority of a Flash Memory Summit and organizer of a 2015 Storage Visions Conference.

3D NAND peep is on each peep memory association roadmap and is a pivotal component in a destiny growth of high ability peep memory. In 2014 Samsung announced that it would deliver 3-level peep V-NAND peep memory (TLC) to boost peep memory densities even higher.

Intel recently settled that it would supply a 10 TB SSD regulating 3D NAND constructed by Intel Micron Flash Technologies (a partnership between Intel and Micron) by 2016. This product would include of 32 planar layers (similar to a Samsung V-NAND product now charity adult to 128 Gbit die regulating TLC flash) with 256 Gbit (32 GB) ability per die (chip) regulating 2-level cells (MLC) and 348 Gbit (48 GB) ability per die regulating TLC.

Within days of a Intel announcement, SanDisk’s Brian Cox settled that a association now ships 4 TB SSDs and would boat 8 TB SSDs in 2015 and 16 TB SSDs in 2016. Likely this final product would use TLC 3D NAND. SanDisk is shipping an X300 customer SSD regulating TLC NAND peep memory now. These 10 and 16 TB products in 2016 would severely enhance a storage ability of peep memory.

HGST has announced a HDD for cold storage applications with adult to 10 TB tender capacity. With a introduction of new technologies in HDDs this ability will boost in entrance years and it is probable that with a introduction of Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording or Two Dimensional Magnetic Recording 20 TB HDDs could be probable in dual years time.  However this is not certain during this time, 12-15 TB with an prolongation of stream captivating recording record is some-more likely. However, even with these capacities a cost of HDDs in terms of HDD storage will expected sojourn around 7-10X reduction than that of tender peep memory ability (in $/TB).

So what will these vast SSDs be good for? Probably these drives would not be approach replacements for all HDDs since of a disproportion in cost though there are some engaging applications that enhance a ideas for peep memory storage systems.  First of all, it is expected that 3D peep with high opening will accelerate a trend for peep memory to reinstate high RPM HDDs, though this still leaves a lot of applications for aloft ability HDDs

There are a few possibilities for SSDs to reinstate high ability HDDs for craving applications, formed on discussions with peep memory manufacturers. SanDisk suggests that a flash-based Write Once Read Many (WORM) product regulating high-density 3D peep and triple (TLC) or even aloft series of peep levels could be used for cold storage or archiving applications. At a 2013 Flash Memory Summit Jason Taylor from Facebook described a thought of regulating low continuation peep memory for archiving photos and other content. Such products could yield aloft peep storage ability while sacrificing continuation (the ability to rewrite a peep memory).

The peep memory storage in a storage complement built with this WORM peep memory would still have review speeds that would be aloft than HDDs. The cost in terms of $/TB could be reduce than aloft continuation peep memory since of a ability to continuation trade-off, maybe bringing a altogether tender ability disproportion to within 3X that of HDDs. These high ability peep products would be a form of cold storage and might also need reduction energy than cold storage HDDs to grasp a certain turn of opening and so a altogether costs, including handling costs, for storage systems built with these SSDs could get even closer and maybe reduction than that of cold storage HDDs.

Higher ability SSDs could have an critical purpose in a growth of a special category of cold (perhaps even archive) storage where information is never or really occasionally re-written (WORM storage). The aloft opening of a peep memory and a closer $/TB cost to that of ability HDDs could open adult some new marketplace niches for peep memory over only storage complement opening enhancement. Whether this thought catches on will turn transparent in time.

Tom Coughlin consults and writes on digital storage and applications.  He is authority of a Storage Visions, Creative Storage Conferences as good as a Flash Memory Summit, tomcoughlin.com

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