Why we Got Arrested Outside a Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility

October 31, 2017 - storage organizer

We done sacrifices to be there that morning. Many skipped work or propagandize to send a summary to Governor Brown to close down Aliso Canyon now, not in 10 years as he suggests. Protestors held a blockade for hours in 100-degree continue – a record violation Oct day. Sitting down in SoCalGas’ drive might have disrupted business as usual, though this was usually after a application had disrupted a lives of thousands of neighbors for a last dual years, with no finish in sight. 

We stopped trucks and vehicles from entering and exiting a trickery – and were roughly run over by one lorry motorist who laughed as he threatened protesters holding a line. He was arrested for forward pushing before being expelled on bail after that day. Things got moving after a motorist attempted to pile-up a line and about an hour after Los Angeles Police Department gave a dispersion sequence for us to leave. Eighteen of us continued to retard a opening to a Aliso Canyon facility, and were eventually arrested.  

It was not a light preference to risk a leisure in this protest, though we had to do something to uncover that the government’s possess laws and actions are unjust. Residents are angry and censure regulators who are doing some-more to strengthen gas company profits than public health. Many of us have ongoing health problems that they charge to a blowout and ongoing leaks during a facility. These people make unchanging obligatory caring visits for nosebleeds, headaches and nausea. And they worry about a long-term effects of toxins on their immature children. 

This regard is justified. A new toxicology investigate of some-more than 100 patients by a internal primary caring medicine shows that many residents have traces of toxins in their bodies, including styrene and ethylbenzene, carcinogens that could be traced behind to emissions from a Aliso Canyon facility. So far, no long-term health investigate of a village has been funded, notwithstanding a recommendation from a Los Angeles Department of Health. 

In July, after state regulators authorised SoCalGas to partially free a Aliso gas field, one third of a wells immediately unsuccessful and methane emissions spiked. Just since they contend it’s protected doesn’t make it so. Regulators boot village concerns over and over. Blockading a trickery was a response to this overpower and indifference. Our action demanded a response from Governor Brown, though his orator gave a same diseased answer to a news media: “We’ll close it down in 10 years.” 

Sitting in a Van Nuys jail with 17 companions fighting for probity was some-more fortifying and lenient than we could have ever imagined. The volume of oneness showed by this village to support and urge any other was an memorable feeling that inspires me to keep forging forward in this ascending battle. 

Families in Porter Ranch and a surrounding communities will keep adult a quarrel until Governor Brown takes a movement of shutting down Aliso Canyon before he leaves office. Decommissioning a Aliso Canyon gas trickery is a right thing to do for a health of a village and a environment. A genuine meridian personality would have close it down prolonged ago.


(Alexandra Nagy is a comparison organizer with Food Water Watch in Los Angeles and helped internal residents in Porter Ranch mangle a news of a Oct 2015 gas blowout. She and 17 others were charged with misdemeanors for disaster to disperse, and were subsequently released.) Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.


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