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May 16, 2017 - storage organizer

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WinCatalog 2017 Can Organize Multiple Hard Drives, Indexes Huge Data Volumes

OrangeCat Software updates WinCatalog, a company’s flagship record organizer and catalog software. WinCatalog 2017 goes all a approach to 64-bit estimate and includes a mint calm indexing engine. The new indexing collection capacitate business to quick index and classify a calm of mixed tough drives, any several terabytes in size. The ability to natively say catalogs incomparable than 4GB enables blazing quick acid and filtering, permitting users to quick locate information stored on offline and removable media.

Improved File Indexing Engine

The need to store information grows each year, nonetheless tough drives frequency get any bigger. Users with terabytes of information don’t have a choice other than purchasing additional tough drives or other forms of storage media to save information. Maintaining consistent connectivity of a many tough drives or Blu-Ray disks is not even an option. In these circumstances, locating a certain record that can be stored on one of a many offline disks becomes a challenge.

WinCatalog 2017 helps users quick locating information stored on offline media by automatically indexing their calm and progressing a searchable offline index. Supporting literally hundreds of tough drives, WinCatalog 2017 can say outrageous index databases that can strech a distance of several gigabytes.

The latest chronicle of record organizer program implements a mint record indexing engine. The new indexing engine significantly reduces a time compulsory to build initial index of a vast tough drive.

WinCatalog 2017 is built regulating a 64-bit platform, that enables local support for outrageous indexing databases that can be over 4GB in size. The tool’s 64-bit design enables strong opening and blazing quick searches by a whole index database containing several million records.

About WinCatalog 2017

WinCatalog 2017 is a strong record indexing resolution to assistance users classify offline media and hunt for information stored on offline tough drives, removable and outmost media. The record organizer apparatus automatically indexes mixed storage media, building a searchable catalog of all files stored on user’s media. WinCatalog 2017 can index captivating and solid-state tough drives, CD/DVD and Blu-Ray media, network drives and many other forms of storage media.

WinCatalog 2017 comes with full metadata support, automatically grabbing ID3 tags for song files, EXIF tags and thumbnails for photos, thumbnails and simple information for video files, e-books, essence of repository files, and most more.

The apparatus offers a ability to classify files located on tough drives and outmost media that are disconnected, put divided and stored offline. The absolute hunt engine enables locating preferred calm quick and efficiently, even if a disks being searched are not connected to a computer. WinCatalog 2017 integrates with Windows Task Scheduler to concede programmed catalog updates. WinCatalog 2017 helps to always have a record catalog on hand, ideally organized.

About OrangeCat Software, LLC

Founded in 2001, OrangeCat Software, LLC is a secretly managed association focused on a growth of high peculiarity program for Windows. The company’s record organizer software, WinCatalog, has been on a marketplace for 15 years. The initial recover of WinCatalog was done open in early 2002. Since then, a product has been receiving a consistent upsurge of improvements, implementing new facilities formed on patron feedback.

At this time, OrangeCat Software focuses on a growth of a latest chronicle of WinCatalog 2017.

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