With The Rise Of 8K Content, Exabyte Video Looms

June 25, 2015 - storage organizer

Digital storage plays a poignant purpose in a veteran media and party industry. Digital storage for a ME attention has approach characteristics mostly really opposite from standard IT storage since of a opening mandate of real-time video in capture, modifying and post-production as good as distribution. On a other hand, a ever flourishing repository of long-tail digital calm and augmenting digitized chronological analog calm is flourishing a approach for cold as good as comfortable repository regulating tape, visual discs and tough expostulate arrays. Tom Coughlin is a organizer of a annual Creative Storage Conference and publishes an annual news on digital storage in media and entertainment.

In early 2015, Coughlin Associates, Inc. conducted a consult of veteran media and party professionals on several digital storage topics. The consult was damaged down into several segments: calm capture, modifying and post-production, calm smoothness as good as archiving and digital preservation. This is a sixth consult on digital storage in media and entertainment. The consult showed several critical trends for digital storage for several aspects of media and entertainment.

The earthy storage media for capturing calm from veteran cameras is undergoing fast expansion as film and captivating digital fasten is impacted by a fast record entrance preference of tough hoop drives, visual discs, and a ruggedness of flash-based solid-state storage. The figure next shows a commission of several recording media used by a 2015 consult recipients in veteran video cameras.

Camera Storage, 062515

For a initial time there was a noticeable % of veteran calm in 8K (roughly 8,000 X 4,000 pixel resolution). Earlier surveys showed really small of this high-resolution format was being captured. The cake draft next shows a placement of 2K, 4K and 8K calm from a 2015 survey. Note that a distance of tender 8K calm is during least 4X times a distance of 4K calm (depending on support rate, pieces per pixel, etc). Increase in a constraint and use of aloft fortitude content, augmenting support rates and increases in a hours of calm prisoner for an hour of finished calm are vital drivers of video storage. It is approaching that singular video projects generating tighten to 1 Exabyte of tender information will start within 10 years.

Content Resolution Slide

When participants were asked about their use of approach trustworthy and network storage in digital modifying and post-production, a consult showed a following outline statistics in 2015.

  • 85.1% had DAS (Direct Attached Storage)

–      89.1% of these had some-more than 1 TB of DAS

–      10 to 50 TB was a many renouned DAS distance (27.7%)

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