Women in Business Q&A: DOROTHYtheORGANIZER

June 1, 2016 - storage organizer

How has your life knowledge done we a personality we are today?
Hands down, some-more than any institution, my life knowledge done me a personality we am today. One annoying divorce (then finally anticipating Marty my new hubby), nearby financial hurt from that divorce (then repaying all of my ex-husband’s debt and convalescent financial fortitude again), open chagrin for carrying gained and mislaid 75lbs 5 times (but carrying kept it off for 5 years now), unconstrained business mistakes (which have turn an item in terms of coaching others), roving a universe for a year, losing a parent, caring for a a kin with theatre 4 cancer – all have prepared me to be a organizing manager that we am today. we had a clever will to do a right thing, renovate myself, and emanate organizing systems to bail myself — and after pass those ideas on to. These tough problems have authorised me to emanate success in all areas of my life and learn others to do a same – permitting me to impact scarcely 2 million radio viewers a week and hundreds of thousands of convention attendees, readers and listeners by books, magazines, radio, and amicable media.

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