Zenoss Announces Enhancements to Service Dynamics Platform

March 8, 2016 - storage organizer

, a personality in one IT monitoring and analytics software,
currently announced a accessibility of poignant new capabilities for the
Zenoss 5 platform, adding monitoring support for Ceph storage
environments and expanding a ability of craving and service
provider business to proactively conduct their hybrid IT infrastructures
and equivocate use disruptions.

“Many of a new functionalities within a Zenoss Service Dynamics 5
height are designed around expediting and automating vicious IT
functions,” said Matt Stellpflug, Systems Engineer at Verisae. “It’s
good to see Zenoss continue to supplement facilities like Component Grouping and
New Dependency Views that assist deployment, management, and
remediation functions.”

Zenoss Service Dynamics 5.1 brings new ability planning,
troubleshooting, usability, scalability and deployment facilities to IT

  • Consumption trendline displaying and time-based predictive thresholds
    capacitate IT administrators to foresee when a ability of a resource
    is approaching to be exhausted, and be alerted days or weeks in allege of
    when that threshold is approaching to be reached. This allows Operations
    to be some-more active when formulation a reprovisioning of resources or
    adding new ability to their infrastructure.
  • Dependency Views assist in troubleshooting problems by providing an
    at-a-glance perspective of a dependencies between inclination and components
    that support a service, regardless of their plcae locally or in the
  • The Component Groups organizer allows Operations to collectively
    conduct identical components opposite mixed devices. For example, IT
    administrators can guard network trade opposite all a uplink ports
    on mixed switches, or CPU expenditure opposite all their web servers.
  • Trap Filtering delivers intelligent eventuality suppression, enabling
    administrators to selectively drop traps during a source, formed on
    device, device type, or trap type. This reduces eventuality “noise” making
    it easier for Operations to scale device monitoring and 0 in on
    critical problems.
  • Appliances, including OVA (VMware), ISO (Microsoft) and AMI (Amazon
    Web Services) formats, accelerate time-to-value of both singular and
    multi-host prolongation deployments for business and partners.

In addition, Zenoss has expelled a new ZenPack for Ceph Storage – the
enterprise-class, open source, software-defined storage platform
confirmed by Red Hat. The ZenPack provides interfaces for Ceph’s
object-, block- and file-level storage. Zenoss Service Impact users have
entrance to a graphical indication of a Ceph cluster’s inter-related
components (Endpoints, Hosts, Pools, OSDs, RDB, MDS, CephFS), yielding
faster base means marker of problems and severely expedited mean
time to fortitude (MTTR).

“Our goal is to assistance organizations broach hybrid IT service
declaration during scale by monitoring physical, practical and cloud
infrastructures from a one platform,” pronounced Marcus MacNeill, Zenoss
VP of Product Management. “The latest recover of a Zenoss 5 platform
reflects feedback from a craving and use provider customers,
and a modernized capabilities they need to residence pervasive service
smoothness needs within their formidable and energetic IT environments.”

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Zenoss’ patented, agentless, and hyperscalable IT monitoring technology
is devoted by some-more than 35,000 organizations worldwide, including
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Rackspace, Salesforce.com, Verizon, VMware, and US Army. Named by Forbes
as one of a Top 20 Cloud Companies and CEOs to Work for in 2015,
Zenoss business cleverly conduct a complexity of hybrid cloud,
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